Technology Review


The primary mission for this workgroup is to ensure technology is readily available to employees and citizens. They will focus on putting technology in the hands of City employees to make their work more efficient and accessible, allowing citizens to access budgets, plans and actions from a technological standpoint. This workgroup is critically reviewing how to use innovative technology to deliver services and information to citizens, visitors and employees.

The Technology work group has completed an analysis of three key areas that fall within the scope of its initiative:

  1. Online presence – enhance and expand the City’s online presence to provide transparent, readily available services and information
  2. Technology requirements and business processes – analyze departmental technology requirements and business processes to identify opportunities for improved performance and efficiencies
  3. Technology infrastructure – identify technology infrastructure upgrades or changes required to modernize and provide the framework to support the two above items

Each key area has been expanded to assist in targeting the necessities of the Technology Initiative.

Online presence:

  • Website design including assessment of essential elements and functionality, design recommendations, technical assessment, design and approval, and implementation of recommendations
  • Online delivery of budgets, plans and actions including identification of potential delivery solutions
  • Social media, text messaging and RSS feeds including prioritization and implementation
  • Mobile applications including assessment, technical programming and design, and prioritization and implementation

Technology requirements and business processes:

  • Identifying information elements to be gathered and design standardized method for collection and documenting
  • Assessment of departmental technology requirements ensuring public information and content management is supported and integrated
  • Evaluation of findings and formulation of recommendations
  • Identification of priorities, dependencies and fiscal impacts
  • Implementation of recommendations

Technology infrastructure:

  • Connectivity (the data “highway”) including ensuring existing deficiencies that impede current services are addressed such as slow data connections at most city locations outside the downtown area
  • Hardware and software ensuring existing deficiencies that impede current services are addressed