Contract Administration


There is a perception that certain City of Amarillo professional contracts are given to only a select handful of firms. By statute, these contracts are not often required to be competitively solicited. The Contract Administration Initiative Workgroup (CAIW) will strive to ensure that opportunities are provided for all professional firms wishing to perform City-related work. The CAIW will evaluate the entire Contract Administration process and will meet with contractors for input on their experiences with the City to gain a better understanding of areas needing improvement.

The CAIW will evaluate many aspects of the contract administration process including:

  • Structure and types of contracts and specifications
  • Project administration related to contracts
  • Related ordinances, laws and regulations
  • Contract related communication
  • Standardization of contract administration and contract deliverables
  • Risk assessment
  • Cost strategies
  • Contract performance measures
  • Stakeholder analysis and community engagement processes
  • Contract management software
  • Training
  • Plan implementation cost estimates