Safety Program


The City of Amarillo is committed to the safety of everyone. This workgroup is responsible for increasing safety knowledge and compliancy from citizens and all employees through prevention, education and awareness. To accomplish this goal, City staff will review the safety management structure, leadership competencies and management systems and will identify any cultural improvements that could enhance the overall safety of everyone.

As recommended in the DuPont Safety Management Assessment, the City is implementing a safety improvement strategy consisting of five core elements:

  1. Safety Management Structure – Review the City’s safety leadership structure and Division/Departmental safety leadership organizations to oversee the safety effort and ensure safety goals and objectives are achieved
  2. Safety Leadership Competencies – Develop and implement a city-wide system to ensure that the department heads and division directors possess the necessary skills and competencies to effectively lead the safety effort and demonstrate safety as a core value
  3. Safety Management Systems – Institutionalize the processes used to manage safety which focuses on reducing injuries while promoting safety awareness and identifying hazards in the workplace
  4. Performance Management System – Develop objectives for safety management systems and leadership, coupled to comprehensive metrics, to monitor the effectiveness of leadership and their ability to continually advance the safety culture
  5. Cultural Improvements – Develop objectives for leadership to continually advance the safety culture

The City of Amarillo hopes to improve safety and safety compliance through a number of objectives aimed at increasing safety awareness and continuing safety education to ensure the best possible retention in the hopes of limiting the amount of accidents and injuries. These objectives include the:

  • Completion of a city-wide comprehensive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy
  • Acknowledgement and agreement to a Safety and Health Statement
  • Preparation and implementation of departmental-wide Personal Safety Action Plan (PSAP)
  • Increased training for supervisors on the application of Job Safety Analysis, Job Safety Observations and Incident Investigations
  • Provision of continual Safety Training to all employees and management
  • Conduction of a Safety Perception Survey
  • Implementation of “Tailgate Sessions” to complement JSA trainings