Youth Athletics


The Youth Athletics work group conducted a survey on current Youth Athletic needs. The following link details the results.

Youth Athletics Survey_2016

This work group is charged with evaluating youth athletic programs provided in the community and identifying opportunities for expansion. The group will also evaluate deficits in programs and facilities to ensure that both current and future demand will be met not only on a recreational level but also on a competitive level. The goal is to meet the youth athletic program demands of the community but also attempt to minimize the amount of travel experienced by many local competitive youth athletic teams in the community while increasing the potential economic impact that youth athletic tournaments can provide.

The overall goal of this initiative is to improve city-wide services and quality of life as it relates to recreational and competitive youth athletic programs and facilities. The Youth Athletics work group will return to the Amarillo City Council with recommendations to address the stated priorities. To gather more information about the availability, need, and opportunity of recreational and competitive youth athletic programs a series of four public meetings will be held, along with:

  • Identification of current youth athletic program providers and subsequent interviews
  • The creation, distribution and compilation of a youth athletic program needs survey
  • Identification of current participation rates and facility demand for youth athletic programs
  • Identification of shortfalls and program expansion opportunities
  • Identification of costs associated to address shortfalls and program expansions

Short- and long-term planning efforts have identified current and future needs for the following youth athletic-related facilities:

  • Rick Klein Baseball Complex Expansion
  • New Youth Softball/Baseball Complex
  • Multi-Use Field Expansion
  • Court/Gym Facility
  • Indoor Aquatic Center
  • Regulation Soccer Fields
  • Soccer Complex
  • Amarillo National Tennis Center Expansion
  • City Recreation Center

Youth athletic program deficits and expansion of programming needed in specific areas will be identified through this process and costs associated with those recommendations will be provided in Phase II.